Footwear fitting at Mountainfeet
Si generally applies the following method in assessing a customers footwear needs – it's a flexible process where certain steps can be omitted if the customer wishes. As well as providing a comprehensive footwear fitting, it aims to provide a customer with a basic biomechanical 'MOT' for their feet. This often identifies a potential or present problem that might require further attention from a medical professional such as Mountainfeet's in house podiatrist.

We've looked carefully at the way that sports and shoe shops sell footwear and in general we've not been impressed. How many times have you requested to try on a shoe or boot and the assistant has asked you what size you'd like to try?

Should you be telling the shop staff? Surely they should be making that assessment for you, using the size as just a base guide and taking into account all the other factors that go to make a shoe fit healthily and comfortably.

If you are planning to visit our shop from a distance away, we will be very pleased to see you and offer you our friendly and expert fitting service – it costs no extra. All we'd ask is that you contact us first by email or phone to tell us of your basic requirements. We can then make an informed assessment of how we can help you and whether we have the products in that you're interested in. We don't want you to spend time and petrol money to no avail!

See you soon...

Si, Marcus and Charlotte