Alt-berg footwear and Mountainfeet – the perfect fit...

"There is no other fitting system in the world to compare with Alt-berg's 5 width, English system."

Alt-berg Tethera
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Mike Sheehan is the owner of Alt-Berg in the lovely Yorkshire town of Richmond and he has been making boots for over forty years. He was taught by the Shepherd family of Rochdale and carries forward the heritage that started over 80 years ago, in a small co-operative in Rochdale.

Today Alt-Berg make some of the best boots in Europe from their factories in Richmond, England and Treviso, Northern Italy. Their boots are a testament to skills and knowledge built up over many years and we are fortunate that they have developed a very UK focused range of boots that a select network of expert footwear retailers fit and sell to discerning customers.

One of the problems we have here at Mountainfeet is that many of our customers require a very specific fit to suit their particular foot morphology. We are extremely adept at identifying exactly what will suit them best in a boot by way of the flex characteristics, shape and size. What can be an issue after functional diagnosis is finding all the correct attributes in one boot that is suitable for the terrain and technical level demanded by the customer.

As most of our customers walk in the UK most of the time, they need attributes such as great weather resistance, grippy and hardwearing sole units, a rand to protect the high wearing areas, a full grain leather for resilience and very importantly, light weight.

There are several boots that tick these boxes but they are generally only manufactured in one width – if they don't fit then tough! This is why we took the decision to team up with Alt-Berg as they make three UK specific boot models in five width fittings. Yes, you heard right, FIVE width fittings!

Alt-berg Fremington
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Alt-Berg are highly committed to both manufacturing excellence and having an expert retail network who realise the importance of correct footwear fitting. Here at Mountainfeet, we've even spent time working on what we feel is the perfect design for a UK (and particularly Pennine!) specific hill and mountain walking boot. Ironically, when we first saw Alt-Berg's latest boot, the Tethera, we realised we were reinventing the wheel and that all the hard work had been done for us!

Going forward, we have taken the highly capable and versatile Tethera in Medium and Wide fits for both ladies and gents and intend to put additional width fittings in stock soon although we can currently order them if needed. The highly rated Fremington is a less technical boot that will suit ramblers and trail walkers who require excellent comfort and weather protection but don't hit rocky and technical terrain on more than an occasional basis. These are also in stock in Medium and Wide fits in most sizes too and other widths are available to order. Because both boots are highly popular, supply can be sporadic and it could save a wasted journey if you rang first to check availability.

Si and the boys are very excited to be working with Alt-Berg and look forward to providing a fitting service second to none for our customers.